What slipped through the cracks

When I was first looking to get a dog I did tons of research. I thought I was prepared for what it was like to have a little ball of sentience running around my apartment. I was sure I knew the in’s and out’s, how to best take care of him, red flags of any kind. Despite my efforts some things slipped through the cracks and I had to learn the hard way. Continue reading

Fleas (part 2)

img_2190The fleas are back!! They never chew on me but it hurts to see Beau itching all the time. I took to reddit to try to figure out what was growing wrong with my treatment regimen. Some of the responses from my post were useful but most were sympathetic. I was warned away from flea collars as they only protect the neck area or can cause chemical burns and irritation.  Continue reading

3 Reasons I Love My Vet

Before the adoption counselor handed me my puppy, she handed me a packet of papers. These included but were not limited to his health records, coupons for local pets stores and recommendations for local vets. Even though I had a veterinary hospital that I trust a half hour away in my hometown I flipped through the packet. The Whole Pet Vet in Los Gatos, California offered a free check up and nail trim for Humane Society Silicon Valley adopters. Being somewhat poor after shelling out $350 for my new puppy I jumped on the deal and made an appointment. Continue reading