Split parks

When looking for a dog park to take your pet to there is a couple things you should examine. Some dogs parks will have grass or dirt while others have turf. Some will have a gate while other have an air lock room. The most important thing to me is that the dog park is split into a big dog size and a little dog size.  Continue reading

Do’s and Don’ts of Puppy Play

img_2868Every Sunday I take Beau to the Humane Society Silicon Valley’s puppy social. The event is run by Beau’s trainer and hosted in the same room that his puppy classes were in. Needless to say he is always very excited to be there. A puppy social is a chance for puppies to interact with other dogs at the same developmental state that they are in. Unlike playing with an older dog, playing with other puppies allows Beau to work out a bunch of energy without a cranky dog correcting him or snapping at him. When dogs play together they communicate differently than people do to it is important to watch for signs that everyone is communicating properly. Continue reading