I took my puppy antiquing

One day on the way back from the dog park my boyfriend and I was a sign for an estate sale. Being curious we followed it to what ended up being a consignment store. It was an unseasonably warm day for November so I refused to leave Beau in the car. We both agreed that we would try to bring him into the shop and see what happened. It ended up going okay. When we first walked through the door we were greeted by a lady at the register. I explained that we had just come from the dog park and asked if there was any way I could keep him with me due to the heat. Surprisingly she accommodated us. She thought for a second and told me that as long as I carried him she did not think any of her sellers would have a problem with a dog in the store. Being just under 10 pounds I was pretty pleased with this compromise. I was a little worried that he would eventually get bored and squirm in my arms. Having a puppy is a lot like having a toddler; they dictate when it is time to leave a place. Since he was tired from the prior dog park visit Beau was happy enough to sit in my arms for the half hour that we shopped. He asked to readjust himself a couple times but stayed quiet and polite. I do think he was a little disappointed that none of the other customers cooed at him but that is just because he is a very social dog. Even with all the new smells from hundreds of household he stayed calm and still. If you ever find yourself in a position where you have to take your dog into a store it is a good idea to tire them out first and it is really important that you ask an employee. I got lucky but some places, especially big chains, have pet policies.

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