Arranging a dog sitter

I earned extra money over the summers in high school by being a dog walker and pet sitter for people in my neighborhood. Now for the first time I am in charge of making arrangements for my own pet when I go out of town. Because of all my experience on the client side I had a pretty good idea of how to get a friend or family member to help me before needing to consider someone from Craigslist or visiting a site like All of my roommates will be out of town the night of my boyfriends holiday party which means no free labor for me. It also means I wanted to look for someone else that Beau had already met so that he would not have to spend 6 hours with a complete stranger. I could always use my parents but logistically that was not my best option. I started thinking about friends and reached out to a couple. I was able to find one, in fact my best friend, who was already planning to stay in San Jose that night and was planning on studying for her finals. She adores Beau so it seemed like a perfect fit. I wrote up a list of instructions because that is what helped me most when I was pet sitting. I included emergency phone numbers, feeding instructions, walking instructions, bed time instructions and miscellaneous information about what she can expect from him. I also told her I would be paying her, which she did not want to accept. Since this is how I used to make my money and I know the effort that goes into it but I also know that this friend will turn down the money every time I came up with a different solution. Before I leave for the holiday party I am going to cook her dinner as a form of compensation.

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