Split parks

When looking for a dog park to take your pet to there is a couple things you should examine. Some dogs parks will have grass or dirt while others have turf. Some will have a gate while other have an air lock room. The most important thing to me is that the dog park is split into a big dog size and a little dog size. While obviously some dogs will get along with everyone and others will not like anyone, a split dog park is a good way to prevent conflicts and traumatizing your dog. Big dogs and small dogs typically have different play styles. From what I have observed, big dogs often like to wrestle more. They can big more physical and have a much deeper bark. Small dogs seem to run around and chase more. They are more maneuverable and use the space better than the big dogs. Some dogs are also just plain fearful of dogs outside their own sizes. I have seen big dogs react to small dogs like an elephant seeing a mouse and I have witnessed Beau’s hesitation when approaching a dog similar to the one that roughed him up at a puppy social. Are there problems with a split park? sure but for the general population it is a good idea. Split parks might not be for you if you have 2 dogs of varying sizes. They might be a blessing if you have a medium dog with a different play style that can practically choose which side of they park they prefer.

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