Beau Vs the rain

If there is one thing that Beau does not like, it is the rain. I think it might be because he did not like his many flea baths when he was younger but he is not a fan of water. He enjoyed the sand more when I took him to the beach. Now that it is turned to winter in California, Beau has to deal with the temperature dropping and the rain that we as a state desperately need. I thought the first time Beau saw rain it would be cute. As a puppy born in the spring I pictured his amazement as wet stuff fell from the sky. Sadly it did not happen like that. Instead Beau first encounter the rain on a day where I was in a rush and he really needed to go out to potty. I scooped him up and put him outside, he quickly finished his business that barely noticed that he was getting wet. To be fair it was a very light sprinkle. Later that day he realized that he did not like what was going on. When I took him out to potty again he immediately turned around and waited at the gate for me to take him back into the house. Finally we came to the compromise that he would do his business underneath the patio table. I have since had to move that table so that one patch of my yard is not covered in dog leavings. I understand his hesitation. He is a small dog and gets cold easily, but it is really frustrating having to constantly accommodate him or else he shuts down and refuses to go to the bathroom. I am glad I trained him on potty pads so I have a backup in case he is too difficult.

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