Leaving Beau with my parents

Leaving my dog is like leaving a toddler. I sometimes feel like he is my baby. The problem the two of us face right now is that we both have a bit of separation anxiety. Still there are times I know I will have to leave him with a sitter so I decided to get us both used to it right away. A couple days ago my boyfriend and I decided to go to Dickens Fair. Because it was an hours drive away and we wanted to get there when it opened we decided that we needed a hotel room for the night. This meant that Beau would have to stay with my parents overnight. Thankfully he was used to their house because they had dog sat in the past but never for this much time. When I brought him over I set him up in the family room like I usually do but with the added addition of his crate. This is why you crate train people. It is like having a portable bedroom for you dog. The whole point of crate training is to give your dog a space where they have control over and feel like it is their own. Because I put the effort to crate train him the overnight portion of the visit went smoothly. Because I had pet sat in the past I knew it would be most helpful if I wrote out all care instructions so my parents would not have to call me to answer a simple question. I also portioned out food and labeled them with times so that there would be no confusion. We were both pretty nervous but it ended up fine. I am sure he missed me but that was not the last time he will be staying over with his grandma and grandpa

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