Buying a harness

I have had some of the most difficulties in looking for a new harness for Beau ever since he outgrew his one from Petsmart. For small dogs, a harness is considered a good choice because you are not pulling upwards on their necks, instead you are pulling upwards on their chest and you have more control of your pet without as much risk of harming them. My biggest problem in finding a harness I liked was figuring out which style I wanted. I pretty much hated his first harness but it was the only thing at the time that would fit him. I hated it for the sole reason that it was complicated to put on. I do not like doing extra work. For years I slept on a bed that was about 8 inches off the ground because my motto was I should not have to work to get into bed. His old harness involved slipping a loop over his head and then tightening it and securing it with velcro. I was looking for something much simpler this time around. I also wanted something that was safe for Beau. There were some styles of harness that we tried on and I was immediately concerned about how they fit him and if they would rub into his skin in ways that would hurt him. Other harnesses just looked flimsy and I was afraid he would escape. I ended up finding a harness that we both liked a lot at Pet Food Express. It was inexpensive and came in a variety of colors which was a major plus for a college student on a budget. More importantly it was simple and safe. Imagine a strip of fabric with two holes for the legs in the middle and a clasp with a D-ring on either side with the addition of velcro. Beau just has to step into the harness and it is clasped on his back and then adjusted with 2 large velcro pieces. It takes only a couple seconds to put on. The D-ring on either side of the clasp allows for the harness to tighten when he pulls and acts as a back up safety measure if the clasp ever fails. The people at Pet Food Express even let me try it on in store and gave Beau a treat for being such a good boy.


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