Finding his voice

One thing I have always loved about Beau is that he communicates mostly through body language. Now that he is getting older he is starting to experiment with his bark. Beau makes what I call “bofs”. It is a small, soft bark with puffed up cheeks. He mostly does that when he hears something that he can not see like if it is in another room or outside. He never “bofs” at people to get their attention only at things that concern him and he is a deeply concerned puppy. One of the main things he makes noise at is the train that runs through my neighborhood. I have my own issues with the train, mainly that it makes noise at weird hours of the night and I want to yell at some city official but now I have to deal with it’s and Beau’s call and response song. Whenever Beau hears the choo-choo sound of the train he replies with a “bof”. Sometimes if it startles him or aggravates him the “bofs” will turn into barks. Because this had not been a problem up until now I never learned how to teach him a quiet command. I really do not want to reward him for making these noises in case I ever have to move into an apartment or a house with closer quarters. For the same reason I have restrained from trying to teach him to speak on command. I am afraid that if he thinks he could be rewarded for making a noise he would never stop. I have however, enticed him into barking before. All you have to do is stare dramatically at something and make your own “bof” sound. He becomes alert and curious and will eventually join in. Sadly I have never been able to get him to howl.


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