Staying overnight with a puppy

Because I was born in the late 90s this is the first year I was able to vote in a presidential election with meant I had to come back home to vote because that is where I am registered. What that also meant was Beau and I had to work out the kinks of traveling and staying at my family’s house overnight for the first time. I packed us both the necessities: His medication, my medication, food, potty pads, toys rawhides and his travel crate. We set up his play area in my parents family room and enjoyed out evening up until bed time. At this time Beau and I are still arguing about him eating all of his meals and pottying before bed. Somedays it seems like he is regressing on his training. When it came time for bed we realized we had a problem. His travel crate while good for the car is still technically a cat carrier. What that means is that it is a little too small for extended periods, Beau cannot stretch out or roll over in this crate which led to a sleepless and unhappy puppy. I could not get comfortable either so the two of us kept waking each other up. I have a couple other ideas how I could improve our future extended visits with my parents outside of bringing his larger crate. One of which is buying him a couple treats or a special toy to make the event more exciting for him so he is not too concerned with staying in an unfamiliar setting.

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