Beau Vs the rain

If there is one thing that Beau does not like, it is the rain. I think it might be because he did not like his many flea baths when he was younger but he is not a fan of water. He enjoyed the sand more when I took him to the beach. Now that it is turned to winter in California, Beau has to deal with the temperature dropping and the rain that we as a state desperately need.  Continue reading

Leaving Beau with my parents

Leaving my dog is like leaving a toddler. I sometimes feel like he is my baby. The problem the two of us face right now is that we both have a bit of separation anxiety. Still there are times I know I will have to leave him with a sitter so I decided to get us both used to it right away.  Continue reading

Buying a harness

I have had some of the most difficulties in looking for a new harness for Beau ever since he outgrew his one from Petsmart. For small dogs, a harness is considered a good choice because you are not pulling upwards on their necks, instead you are pulling upwards on their chest and you have more control of your pet without as much risk of harming them. My biggest problem in finding a harness I liked was figuring out which style I wanted.  Continue reading

Staying overnight with a puppy

Because I was born in the late 90s this is the first year I was able to vote in a presidential election with meant I had to come back home to vote because that is where I am registered. What that also meant was Beau and I had to work out the kinks of traveling and staying at my family’s house overnight for the first time.  Continue reading