Showtime Pet grooming

After making my post about our horrible experience at Petsmart, I was told by a friend who used to live my area that I should check out Showtime Pet Grooming. Still a little traumatized I took Beau about 4 weeks after the Petsmart incident. It is located about 2 miles away from my house in a tiny shopping center off the Alameda. It was raining the day we went and I had my boyfriend in the car who was in a hurry so there was a ton of extra stress. When we got into the store we were greeted by warm air, a sweet clean scent and a friendly staff. I was clutching Beau to my chest because he hates the rain and refused to walk the 15 feet from the car to the groomers. The staffed cooed over him, he has a puppy face and is still under 10 pounds. While he was getting lots of pets and attention I explained to the lady behind the counter that we had a bad experience with the last groomer and he would not sit still for my boyfriend and I to try to clip his nails. She smiled and was very understanding. She listened to my plethora of concerns, including that I did not want to be the bad guy to Beau, and offered to take him into another room to do the nail trim since sometimes dogs are more anxious when they can see their owners. I handed him over, with some hesitation and sat next to my boyfriend in their lobby. I noted that the room next to us was a self service bath station for dogs with longer coats or bigger dogs that can not just be placed in the bathtub like I do with Beau. The nail trim went by surprisingly quickly. I was told he was a very good boy and that he did not squirm or cry for their staff. They gave him a cookie and I gave them a 50% tip. 10/10 would recommend this groomer to anyone in the San Jose area.

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