Making friends at the dog park

Because I had been a dog walker before there were some things about a dog park that I was already accustomed to. However, because I moved to a new city I did not have the comforts of home. For starters there is not a dog park, or at least a good one, walking distance from my house. I have to drive Beau and I 15 minutes to get to the park we both like. The other thing I am not used to is the constantly changing people. Normally at home there was a small group of people who would get together and let their dogs play. At this park I rarely see the same person twice. That makes it hard for both me and Beau to make friends. There is one owner who I have seen on multiple occasions and now the dog park is starting to feel more homey. His name is Bruce and he owns 2 ruby spinger spaniels. Beau gets along with both of his boys and is eager to meet the new puppy that is on its way. I am still hoping that the longer we go the more friends we will make but at this time it seems like there are not many familiar faces.

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