Beau Graduated Puppy Class

After 6 weeks of hard work Beau graduated from his beginning puppy class! He is now able to sit, lay down, and leave it. We are still working on loose leash walking but he has mostly gotten the hang of it. 
What I learned by training my puppy

I had only ever had cats before. Granted they are the cats of a little girl who really wanted a dog but despite their quirky personalities, they are still cats. Up until now I had never had an animal the needed to be an upstanding citizen. Cats do not really accompany you into public and visitors to your home will normally just accept whatever it is that a cat does. With dogs you have to teach them obedience and manners, and with puppies it is like teaching a toddler.

I probably should have done more of Beau’s homework with him. I slacked off a little on his training. He is very food motivated but still gets frustrated when he can not understand what I am asking for. Overall I feel like I approached his training in a way that let Beau and I stay true to ourselves. I put a big emphasis on socializing him. Taking him to various puppy socials and eventually the dog park paid off in how he is able to read other dogs and respect their wishes. I am actually quite often complimented by how Beau will know to leave a dog alone if it does not want to play despite his puppy energy.


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