We had a horrible nail experience

I try not to bash stores too often but I have had some of the worst experiences at my local Petsmart. I used to work there and I was afraid I was being biased but now I have been deterred from ever using any of their services again.
I have tried in the past to cut Beau’s nails. However, it has never gone well. He squirms, he yelps and I am terrified that I am accidentally going to hurt him. I had resolved to pay someone else to be the bad guy so I did not have to. I spent a couple weeks working in my local Petsmart over the summer and I quit because of my moral compass. Somehow I was blindly hopeful that the grooming department there would take better care of the animals than the hotel I worked in. I was wrong. I took Beau in to get his nails filed because the store advertised that a puppy nail grind was only $6. I called ahead and asked if I needed to make an appointment or if a walk-in was okay. I was told to just bring him over and we would be seen right away. When we get to the groomers they told me I had to wait a bit until there was someone who was available. Sure, whatever, he needed his nails trimmed badly so I waited. There was a really uncomfortable looking fluffy dog on one of the tables and only 2 employees working. After maybe 7 minutes, one of the employees told me he could see us now. I go to hand him Beau and he tells me I could just hold him and they would get us out of there really quickly. I told the groomer, and I use that world loosely, that I did not want my dog to associate nail trimming with me. Somehow I get talked into holding Beau and by the end of the ordeal I look like I selfharm. The employee did not stop when Beau started yelping, he did not offer me a mask or anything to prevent me from breathing the dust and at the end I was charged for the wrong service. One traumatized puppy and a horrible yelp review later, I am still mad that Petsmart is the only pet supply store in my area so I am forced to go back and pick up Beau’s expensive kibble.

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