What slipped through the cracks

When I was first looking to get a dog I did tons of research. I thought I was prepared for what it was like to have a little ball of sentience running around my apartment. I was sure I knew the in’s and out’s, how to best take care of him, red flags of any kind. Despite my efforts some things slipped through the cracks and I had to learn the hard way. Recently I had to take Beau to the vet because I was concerned he wasn’t eating enough. He had just finished getting in his adult teeth but he was not interested in meal time. It had gotten to the point where I was hand feeding him kibble every day. I was not able to make an appointment with my favorite vet on staff so I had to meet with a stranger while both Beau and I were not ourselves. After about $300 I learned he had an ear infection. You might be wondering how that could have happened. Well, sometimes when you read up on every possible scenario and ask all the right questions people still forget to mention that YOU HAVE TO CLEAN YOUR DOG’S EARS. There is a special solution that you buy that breaks loose all the gunt (that is a technical term, right?) so that they do not get sick. I felt like a failure when I found this out. I was afraid the whole staff was judging me, like I was unfit to care for my puppy. It took me a couple weeks to come around to the fact that I did not do much harm. Beau was really patient during the whole ordeal. We got to the point where I could bring out the ear medication and he would choose a place to sit while I applied it. Just like I have to be understanding while he is learning I have to be understanding as I am learning too.

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