Types of Toys a Puppy Should Have

img_2695I pretty much spoil my dog. Whenever I go to a pet supply store or somewhere that sells toys I pick him up something. I did have to make sure I was getting him the right things to play with and chew on. Some toys are not suited for puppies because they are teething or because puppies need time to develop their joints before excessive exercise

Toys can be broken down into the following 4 categories: plush, rubbery, hard and retrievable.

  • Plush toys are your basic stuff animal toys. They’re great for chewing, tugging and sometimes they have squeakers to make noise. Beau has a variety of plush toys because I find them cute and they have proven to be his favorite.
  • Rubbery toys are toys with a bendable plastic or rubber. They’re great for chewing on because they are practically indestructible. While I have tried a couple of these, they don’t always catch his attention.
  • Hard toys are toys made out of dense plastic. Because I do not have a problem with Beau chewing up and destroying his toys he doesn’t have hard toys. However, his puppy friends Lily and Cole have a large, hard ball that releases treats at given time intervals. Their owners are pretty satisfied by how it’s held up to their two 40lb puppies.
  • Retrievable toys are balls and other things made specifically for fetch. While just about any toy can be thrown, retrievable toys serve very little purpose outside of fetch. I had to buy Beau extra small tennis balls for him to chase. We are still working on the game but once he gets it I will be investing in a chuck-it throwing arm for the dog park so he can run for a greater distance.

Are there toys that fall outside these categories? Yes, but they are generally considered specialty items or nonessential. Some examples are puzzle toys or things like flirt poles.

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