Fleas (part 1)

Since the first week I had him home Beau and I have faced a single challenge more frustrating that anything else: fleas. I thought I was experienced with fleas because I am a lifelong cat owner but this is something new. Because Beau’s coat is different and I am in a new city the fleas are fighting back.
Medicine: When the flea infestation first appeared my boyfriend ran to the store to buy Beau a flea shampoo and a batch of advantage flea ointment. Even though I have used the ointment before I made a point of reading all of the instructions that came with it. Advantage makes a point of telling users that the medicine should be placed in multiple (2-4) small dots across your dogs back. In the past I learned this the hard way, when I placed all the ointment in one dot on my cats back she developed a small irritation. The shampoo instructed to start a lather at the head/neck and work your way back. Because you are supposed to be care around a dogs ears and eyes, you start the lather at the neck and work back to the tail so that any fleas jumping off you pup will not take refuge on their head.

Flea comb: Just before I picked up Beau from the shelter I purchased a flea comb for my family’s cats. Before I could take it back to my parents house I found I desperately needed it to remove the blood suckers from my new puppy. Flea combs are… difficult. They consist of two tight rows of comb teeth, the idea being when you comb the fleas get trapped between them. Then you have to kill the fleas. This can be done by either pinching them with your nails or drowning them. Since I keep my nails short I opt to rinse the comb off every time I am able to catch a flea. Sadly, despite his short hair, Beau’s coat is dense and slippery making the comb rather frustrating.

So far the medicine is working well. One dose is supposed to last an entire month so I hope it makes it that long.

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