3 Reasons I Love My Vet

Before the adoption counselor handed me my puppy, she handed me a packet of papers. These included but were not limited to his health records, coupons for local pets stores and recommendations for local vets. Even though I had a veterinary hospital that I trust a half hour away in my hometown I flipped through the packet. The Whole Pet Vet in Los Gatos, California offered a free check up and nail trim for Humane Society Silicon Valley adopters. Being somewhat poor after shelling out $350 for my new puppy I jumped on the deal and made an appointment.

Reason 1: I can request appointments online. As someone who suffers from a bit of social anxiety owning a puppy is already hard enough; strangers come up and try to talk to you, kids flock around you, everyone wants to know how old he is and how big he will get and what breed he is. It can drive me crazy and make me consider getting my dog a treadmill so I never have to leave my apartment. My vet lets me make appointments without having to make phone calls which definitely makes it easier to take care of my dog.

Reason 2: They make their office exceptionally welcoming. The staff is incredibly sweet and give Beau and I individual attention whenever we go in. They have both human and dog treats. They have a page displayed welcoming each patient by name for that day. They also make a point of letting me know if everyone in the waiting room is just there for a check up so Beau can greet them if they are up for that. I would not want him to socialize with a dog that is sick for 2 reasons: 1 he might get sick as well and 2 the dog might not be in a good mood because it is not feeling well and therefore could react badly to Beau’s presence.

Reason 3: My vet answers all of my 3 million questions. I had a lot of anxiety about providing the best life for my dog. I had questions about how often to feed him, when to get shots, how to trim his nails and so forth. Dr. Zude patiently answered anything that came to mind. The office went above and beyond when I asked about the price of the vaccine Beau was receiving and gave me an itemized list of what that day’s expenses would be as well as what I could expect for his next visit in case I wanted to shop around.

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